Monday, July 18, 2011

for fin un iphone app/web para vinos,... y funciona bien..

Hace mucho desde mi ultimo post... solo escribo cuand oencuentro algo realmente bueno...
y si, encontre un app/web que te ayuda mucho con el tema vinos.
por fin algo bueno.... No sabes como elegir un vino?.. a veces te parec que vinos caros no merecen el precio y que algunos baratos son mejores/.. es que no sabes o es que te estan cobrand de mas?.. que opinan los expertos?.. como aparear los vinos con las distintas comidas... como tener esta info en la palma de la mano?


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is May 2010, is time to give Chrome a try.

Changing your browser does not seem like a interesting thing to do unless you really have a reason and this is why most of us did not try Google Chrome. 

Monday, May 3, 2010

Web2 Documents Sharing and Collaboration: Google Docs vs DropBox vs Wiki.

One of the most important tools for teams that deal with information is the support for generating, maintaining and sharing documents. Tools like Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange where good pioneers a few years ago in the corporate environment but for small corporations or individual users those kind of options where normally too expensive and people used emails, shared drives, CDs, etc.
In the last few years, the low cost of memory gave us the memory sticks and some way of using the internet but still sharing and collaborating was difficult if we wanted a low cost or free solutions.
Today, we have very good tools for doing that for free storing our docs in the "cloud" which is, like or not, an almost inevitable trend.
The question now is which one to use. There are a few different options.
Due to a question in one of the team works I am working one, I will analyze here three important and popular options: Google Docs, DropBox and Wiki.

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Managing your tasks electronically: part 2 - Synchronizing Calendars

In our previous post, we wrote about convenient new ways to manage our tasks using web2-based applications as a storage and personal computers and smart phones to access them from your desks or on the road.
This post is about the other key personal productivity concept: our calendar. We show here how you can take advantage new web2 tools to keep your calendar consistent and accessible from the office, where you normally use Microsoft Outlook, from your home, where you can use the web or also Outlook and from the road where you can use your smartphone (Iphone for us). This time, the selected web2 services is the one provided by Google.

Google calendar web interface is already very good but is ability to synchronize with the Iphone and Microsoft Outlook are flawless, easy and free.

Let's walk trough the solution.

First, you need to create a Google (gmail) account . Let assume you did this and that you already put some entries in the calendar. Let's say that your calendar look like the following screen-shot:

Now, you can go to your smartphone (Iphone here) and tell the calendar application to synchronize with Google calendar.  A simple setting that you will find in the setting menu.

As soon as you do this, you will see that your calendar in the Iphone has been updated and you will see something like this:

And finally, you can integrate all this with outlook both in the office and home computer. Let's assume you have you outlook agenda in your laptop or desktop.
In order to synchronize the outlook with google you will install the google provided synchronization application that you can found at

After you download and installed the synchronization program you will see a configuration window like this:

Enter you Google account and password and your are all set. You can also specify a synchronization frequency, the default 2 hours may be to long. I use 5 minutes.
After the installation finishes, You will see a little icon on your desktop tray.

If you do not want to wait until the next refresh cycle, just right click and selec "sync" for a manual syncronization.
After you do that and the process finishes, you will see something like this on Outlook2003, the one we use at home:

And of course, this also work for outlook 2007, the one we use at the office:

Ok, end of post. You got your calendar everywhere.
Now, you may, ask: Can I also see my tasks from Toodledo in Outlook?.
Ok, the answer for that will be in the next post :).

Regards, Pablo.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Latest trends to manage your tasks electronically

Like most of you, and well before web2, the cloud and the smart-phones, I have been a user of electronic agendas and personal productivity tools for a long time. Lotus organizer was a pretty good tool for its time back in the 90's. But, as most people, I did not have a handheld or PDA. So, completely managing my tasks electronically was impractical. My tasks were not with me when I need them the most, on the road. When handheld appeared, things were much better. My Palm Pilot and a few years later the machines with Windows CE machine allowed me to do a lot but still was not perfect. You needed to synchronize with your desktop computer and that was cumbersome for things that change fast like tasks. Now, Web2, the cloud and the smarphones have changed the landscape and we finally reached the point of having a complete platform for personal productivity and I want to share my latest experience with you.
After moving all my personal files to my Google account and accessing them from my computer as well as from my iphone, I am almost reaching total integration and practicality. My agenda and my emails are automatically synchronized and both accessible form any computer and from my iphone all the time.

The question that still remains is: Which task manager to use?. Unfortunately, Google current solution for tasks is very poor.
But Google is not alone, until recently, most personal productivity software were also very basic or difficult to use. Outlook seems to offer a lot, but I have tried for years and I could not organize things in the way I liked. I wanted to related tasks with goals, with certain tags and other criteria and it was just not natural. Too much flexibility that ended up confusing me and not going to the point.

Now, I have discovered a web service that very naturally accommodates my style and I think it will accommodate yours: The site is can be used for free (or paid a little for some premium features). Toodledo is one more tool supporting GTD (Getting Things Done) methodologies.

Now, I can organize my tasks by folder, goals, tags, due date and many other criteria and I can see them on my iphone via a very easy-to-use interface that I can operate with my fingers. No need to synchronize. Everything will be in sync automatically. You can edit your tasks on the web as in the next figure.
And then, you can go to your mobile phone and see and manipulate your tasks there as well. Of course, you can set alarms that will remind you all the time via your smartphone.

Summarizing, by moving all your files, calendar and contact to Google and your tasks to Toodledo, you get a complete solution for personal productivity 24/7 reachable from your computer or your smartphone. The other good news is that all this tools are free or almost free.

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